Adapt And Overcome

Well this whole closet project has proved itself to be quite a bit more ambitious than I expected it to be! After all, it’s a tiny little cubby in a tiny little closet, how hard could it be!?… the answer: very hard.

Here is a little drawing to remind you of my building plans

I’m building four drawers on the bottom and shelves on the top of the main section and then a thin cubby to the left to hold shoes. Simple enough right? Wrong. I have STRUGGLED my way through every step of this process so far and I only have three drawers installed. My confidence is taking a hit with this one (hence, my rather large glass of wine tonight).

But I’m adopting a new motto: Adapt and Overcome. I’m going to figure this out, even if it means rebuilding some sections. I’m going to overcome this challenge. Because that’s what all of these DIY projects are after all, aren’t they? One challenge after another. One obstacle after another. Experience after experience that shows me that I CAN. If I can build my own bed and install my own kitchen countertops, I can make a small cabinet for my closet. Just you wait and see!

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