What A Monday

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, when one thing after another just goes all wrong. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you burn the toast, you step on bubble gum. You know the kind of day I’m talking about… Yesterday was one of those days.

I intended to make headway on my closet. I wanted to construct the drawers for the bottom portion of the center cubby… but my day didn’t go quite like I had hoped. It seemed like every move I made went all wrong. I stripped more screws than I care to admit, I mis-measured my drawers two separate times. I split wood. I misplaced tools. It was a mess… I was a mess.

There was a point when I stopped and took a deep breath. I was getting very close to the end of my rope. I was frustrated with myself and I was frustrated with my project. I asked myself a question- did I want to put my head down and power through? Try to re-center myself and keep moving forward? Or did I want to quit while I was behind and accept that this was not my day?

I considered my options and I decided to try to regroup and keep working. Looking back, this was the wrong call. I know now that when a project seems to be a constant mess, it’s time for me to put the tools down and be productive elsewhere.

Yesterday was rough, but I learned a lot about myself. In so many areas in my life I have learned to be strong when things get hard. To not give up. But yesterday, I learned that in the area of building, these rules do not always apply. Gritting my teeth and powering through is not the answer. The concentration and the precision needed to do this particular job deserves the presence of mind I was clearly lacking.

With every new project, I learn so much! I’m not only learning new technical skills but I’m also learning more and more about myself. Yesterday was a lesson I’ll carry with me into the rest of my life (I may have to relearn it a time or two, but I digress). Here’s to hoping tomorrow goes better!

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