It Is Finished

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I’m finally finished with the kitchen!

While the countertops were easily the hardest part of the whole process, willing myself to keep going was its own fun challenge. During the countertop phase, I had to remove every item from my cabinets and my shelves – all of it. Every bit of my kitchen was laying about my house in piles. Usually my tolerance for clutter is higher than most, but this was way too much. My house was chaos. And being entirely without the ability to cook or use running water in the kitchen just about did me in. I felt like a soldier coming home from war when the dishes were finally put back into place and the sink was back in working order.

I was… shall we say, over it at this point. I was very tired of the most (arguably) important room in my house looking like a war zone. I was over the clutter. I was toasted. And I really really really didn’t want to keep going. The final tasks left on my list were: paint the ceiling to cover up the patch where the junction box used to be, install my light fixture, and paint the two remaining walls. That’s not too bad, right? But I was beat, man. None of these tasks would have taken my kitchen out of commission, but they were going to create another mess and I still hadn’t recovered from living through the last one.

That is, until I figured out what my next project will be! (I’ll announce what it is a little later) Once I got this new idea in my head, I was back to my inspired and eager self! And I wouldn’t let myself move on until the kitchen was completed. That was the exact motivation I needed to push through to the end. I rolled up my sleeves, made one last mess and I finally finished the dang thing!

And now that it’s complete, I have to step back and admire the outcome. I really do love the creamy beige color of the walls – an unusual choice for this color loving girl. But the neutral background lets my colorful and whimsical dishes stand out so much more than they did before. I love how much brighter the space is and how much cleaner everything looks and feels.

And now that it is officially complete, I will not be touching this room for many many years.

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