Moving Right Along

Now that the hallway is wrapped up, I am moving right along into the kitchen!

I’m so excited about this one! When I bought this house in 2015, the kitchen was the room that I put the most effort into. My phase one renovation was so much fun and I just never got around to phase two… until now! Because I’ve already done so much to this room and I already love it, my phase two is not going to be super dramatic.

Now before I get into all of my plans for the kitchen, let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we? Here, my friends, is what the kitchen looked like when I moved in!

In phase one, I replaced the linoleum flooring with cork floors. I removed the cabinets above the counter and replaced them with open shelving. I repurposed these cabinets in the built in pantry against the back wall. I pickled the wood paneling in a light grey color and I had an island built in a light natural wood color that would someday compliment the butcher block I was going to eventually install. (please excuse my completely unstyled photos of my kitchen, this is more for comparison’s sake)

And now for phase two! I will be replacing the vinyl countertops with maple butcher block. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m awfully nervous… but if I can pull it off I’m going to feel SO PROUD OF MYSELF! I will be replacing the sink faucet and the light fixture above the island and I will also be painting the walls Accessible Beige.

It’s nothing too crazy! Just enough to transform the space and finally bring it to the place I’ve always envisioned it! I cannot tell you how pumped I am to get going on this one!

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