The Evolution of A Bedroom

I have been in a hallway holding pattern for about a week waiting for one last roll of wallpaper to be delivered. And while I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, I’ve found my mind drifting to my bedroom.

My bedroom has seen a lot of different seasons and a lot of different phases. The room went from “poor newlyweds” (which is not a style as much as a state of being), to a feeble attempt at “glam”. It later side-stepped over to mid-century modern and then it tried to make it’s way over to boho. It’s all over the place, in other words.

When I first bought the house with my then husband in 2015, we didn’t have a lot of furniture. The full sized mattress sat on a metal frame and the side tables were two filing cabinets (different sizes mind you) that I had draped a cloth over to make look… nicer. I don’t have any pictures of this stage of my room, mostly because I hated it with everything inside of me.

Eventually I invested in some blessed decor! I had no idea who I was stylistically and went in a somewhat “glam” direction. (Hey, sometimes we have to try on a few outfits before we get it right.) Also, I say “somewhat glam” because I was too chicken to go full throttle with it… I guess that’s a good thing, looking back. I bought a tufted, white, upholstered headboard with iridescent, gold, globe pendant lights for the bed sides. Here is a shot of the room once the lights were in. I was so proud of them. (I knew nothing about design at the time and set the pendants way too high… this is a choice that has irked me for years).

The room still felt sterile and bare. And the “glam” choices weren’t doing it for me. When I finally got myself some side tables, I decided to go mid-century modern with this one. I liked this direction a lot better! And can we talk about how adorable and tiny Rooster was!?

And in 2017, I got my very first taste of a moody interior. I went to Sherwin Williams and bought a can of Dark Night and painted myself a deep moody blue accent wall! (I also filmed a time-laps of the process and posted it to my Instagram… foreshadowing much?)

Next we upgraded all the way to a queen sized bed! I tried to pick something that would match my side tables and went with a wooden headboard in a similar color.

And then, in 2019 – the break-up. When the separation began, I started to get real boho up in there. I bought myself lots and lots of plants. I braided a macrame style tapestry to hang over the bed. I replaced the blue bedding with pink bedding as a femtastic symbol of my new singleness. And then, fatefully, I pulled out a power tool and I built a shelf. (Go read that blog post to hear all about how this whole thing started).

And now here we are. My room is a weird amalgamation of all my phases and all of my stages. In some since, I kind of love it for that. And in another, I feel totally confused by all of the bizarre pairings – like my glamorous gold pendant lights right next to my boho tapestry.

While there isn’t an opportunity for a fun new DIY project in here, I do feel it needs some TLC to bring it all together and make it feel more cohesive. I plan on replacing the pendant lights and the area rug. I’m keeping the blue and the pink as a celebration of two different important stages in my life. And I’m going to add even more plants!

I can’t wait to show you how it continues to evolve as I myself am continuing to evolve!

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