This New Year’s, I’m Looking Ahead

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

I hope we’re all rested from our Christmas frenzies. Whatever your New Year’s looks like this year, I hope it brings you comfort. Whether tonight looks like being with a friend or two to welcome in the new year or if it’s tucking in early and waking up well rested in 2021, I hope you feel at peace.

It’s been a hard one for all of us. And while reflection is vital for personal growth, that’s not what feels right for me today. I’ve decided that today, instead of looking back on the year, I’m going to look ahead. I’ve done a lot of reflecting this year and sitting here and recounting to all of you the horrors of my 2020 feels draining and redundant. (If you’re new here and are curious about some of the events that have taken place for me this year, here are two posts that will get you caught up: this one and this one).

I’ve been through a lot and I’ve come really far. But I want to go even further in the coming year! I have a new sense of freedom and a renewed confidence in myself. I now know full-well that I can do hard things and I plan on taking all of this with me into 2021 as I run full speed, with open arms into this new life that I’ve started building for myself.

It scares me to sit here and tell you all of my hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. I don’t know if they will pan out for me and I don’t know if my dreams will shift and change as time goes on. But I can tell you this: whatever this is that I’m doing here – this blog and my Instagram – it’s reviving me. I feel like I’m getting to play every single day. It’s a creative challenge that is restoring me and I don’t want to stop. I want to lean into all of this with my whole body weight in the coming year. I want to write my heart out. I want to make my home into the haven I know I can be. I want to build things and learn new skills all while getting to know myself better. All while learning to trust myself more. I want to keep sharing my heart so that others can feel less alone. I want to create more connection in this world and less division.

I want to keep showing up every day with my heart on my sleeve and a power tool in my hand. The core of what I want is to continue to live more fully in hopes that others will too.

Happy New Year, my friends. I am raising a glass to us all in honor of hope and life.

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