Gift Ideas for Your Home Improvement Enthusiast

Now that we have officially entered into December, we are all racking our brains trying to think of the best gifts to give our loved ones. And if you’re anything like me, you want the gift to be thoughtful and affordable.

When it comes to the home improvement and DIY junkies in your life, I got your back fam. I’ve put together a gift guide for your fixer-upper friends with links and prices to boot. Enjoy!

Women’s Carhartt Unlined Bib Overalls: $69.99

First and foremost, overalls. A pair of durable pants or overalls is huge. As a novice to this world I’ve been using an old pair that I bought (super cheap and for fashion purposes) a few years back and I’ve already ripped them three different times. It’s pretty annoying to have to stop the DIY project your stoked about to DIY a patch in your pants.

I’m linking a pair of Carhartt overalls here but any durable overall will do!

When doing some research for this post I came across this “gift basket”. It was for a fundraiser that has come and gone but the idea is adorable and so practical. We have:

A tool bag – I’m linking an affordable one I found on amazon but the options on this particular item are truly endless.

An extension cord – can you actually have too many of these?

A paint brush – I prefer cut in brushes. They help me get into corners and detail work in doors and paneling so much easier. But I’m linking a nice little variety pack thats only $6!

Additionally we have a level, a roll of Duct Tape, and a tube of caulk.

This gift basket is a *chef’s kiss* in my opinion. But putting together a full gift basket can add up fast! So don’t feel like you have to go all 9 yards with this one! I’m sure any one of these items would be practical and appreciated for any DIYer.

And while we’re talking about practicality. Doing these big projects takes a beating on the hands. My knuckles and cuticles get so dry and cracked. It’s not cute and it’s pretty uncomfortable. When I’m deep in a project that’s grubbing up my mitts, I like to put this stuff on my knuckles and cuticles at night before I fall asleep. It super hydrates my poor, beat up hands literally overnight. Which allows me to get back to work the next day without any problems.

And lastly, I want to offer you a smattering of my favorite books on interiors. Some I own, some I’ve had my eye on, all are excellent. Honestly, where is the creative urge without inspiration? Speaking for myself, these big projects that I take on are fueled by a vision or a spark of inspiration and I am constantly taking in new ideas and marking or saving images that excite me.

I’m also trying to learn more and more all the time! I want to learn about how to design a room with good “flow”. Are my windows eastern or western facing? This will determine what kind of light I’ll be getting in the room which will affect the paint choices I make. The only reason I know to think about these things is because I am listening to people that are better than me. And I am reading books from people that have been doing this longer than me. So here are a few that I recommend:

Personally, Joanna doesn’t use enough color for my taste but that doesn’t mean I don’t look up to her as a fabulous creative mind and a business genius. This book is so helpful for beginners like me! It breaks down the different home interior styles like “eclectic”, “rustic”, “classic”, etc. It shows exterior renderings of different architectural styles and ways they can be upgraded. And my favorite part about this book is that she wrote it to be like a journal! It’s honestly meant for you to trial and error to figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

This book is a bit more on the dry side. It’s actually more like a text book than anything but it is chalk full of important information! It breaks down focal points in a room, “anchoring” a space, “flow”… and this is just chapter one! It’s great. It is a deep well of information that – for someone who didn’t go to school to learn this stuff, I am drinking in like water.

This is a book I’ve had my eye on for months. It’s a collection of homes from people in the home interior space in the south that are KILLING it right now.

And because it’s a collection of so many different people’s spaces, you get to see the entire gambit of interior styles. You’ll see rainbow rooms with crazy colors and patterns but you’ll also get your monochromatic hyper modern sleek interiors as well.

Did you actually think I was going to talk about books that inspire me and not talk about Mrs. Gates?

This is the first interior design book I bought myself and, I’m not kidding you, I read this thing in bed at night as I fall asleep. Erin’s style is so stinking cool and creative and brave. It makes me want to leap out of my comfort zone with abandon.

Along with all of the helpful interior knowledge that she lays down (like always line your drapes and curtains with white so the exterior of your house has a seamless look… I would have never thought of that!) She also tells her story of how she became the designer/blogger that she is today. Reading this book is a huge reason why I felt brave enough to take on my own blog.

Suffice it to say: I’m a big fan.

Holidays can be wildly stressful but I believe the root of this season is in connection and love for one another. If this little guide relieved even an ounce of stress in helping you think of a gift for a loved one, then my job here is done. Happy Holidays folks!

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