Nice To Meet Ya!

My heart behind this endeavor is to be honest and open as I navigate this weird new chapter of my life. It feels healing to talk about it and processes it out loud and I want to use this space to be real about the messy along with the good.

It occurred to me that many of you only know a little bit about me. It’s kind of like I cannon balled right into the deep end with y’all and didn’t fully introduce myself. So let’s change that!

Hi! I’m Lacy! I’m 5″5′, I like long walks on the beach and a good margarita… oh wait. Sorry, wrong “about me”.

In preparation for this post I asked my friends on Instagram to throw some questions at me. Here’s what I got:

Soft or hard shell tacos?

Ok, I know this is a silly question but you’re about to learn a lot about me here. Call me pretentious all you want, but the only places I actually eat tacos don’t serve hard shells. (I’m looking at you Mas Tacos 🤤)

I honestly might lose some of y’all’s respect with what I’m about to share here, but I told you I was going to be honest! I won’t eat at Taco Bell… ok that’s dramatic. I’ll eat there if I have to, but I won’t get anything other than a cheese quesadilla. Here’s why: Once in college I ordered a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and the *very tired and very over it* employee told me that she couldn’t make it for me because… wait for it… THE MEAT HOSE WAS BROKEN!! I’ve never been the same since. Just knowing that that sludgy ground beef is being applied to the tacos through a hose makes me gag.

Like I said, I know some of you are looking down on me for this. I can live with that.

What are your favorite colors?

I feel like the answer to this question is constantly shifting and changing as I, myself, shift and change. So I’ll give you a smattering of colors that get my creative juices going at this point in my life. Ask me again in a few months and this answer will likely be totally different.

Currently, I’m really into jewel tones and colors that make a statement. There are a few exceptions to this in the line-up, but generally, I’ve been super drawn to all the bold colors!

If money wasn’t a factor where would you live?

If money truly wasn’t a factor, I would live in New York. Specifically Brooklyn. And given that I’m filthy rich in this scenario, I’d have no problem flying to Nashville all the time to see my loved ones whenever I want.

I lived in New York for about a year and I fell head-over-heels in love with that city. I think about it almost daily. I loved it there. It’s a sad and hard story to tell, and one day I will likely talk about it in depth. I think the story of New York deserves its own blog post… or posts. But suffice it to say, I’d be a Brooklyn girl forever if I could.

What kind of pup is rooster?

He’s a mutt! I adopted him from an animal rescue in the Nashville area called Proverbs 12:10 (highly recommend if you’re in the market for a rescue). They said he was a Hound/ Blue Heeler Mix. It’s clear he has a lot of Black and Tan Coon Hound in him but he’s about the size of a Blue Heeler.

If you want some sadness porn in your life – he and three or four of his siblings were found on the side of the road. Not in a box or anything. Just tiny, new born puppies, loose on the side of the road. The person that found them said that a few of the puppies were dead in the middle of the street from trying to follow their mother. It took a long time to get Rooster to feel calm around cars after we first adopted him. I had to feed him all of his meals in my car for about a month for him to stop feeling scared of it.

Have you picked out a kitchen faucet yet?

Not yet! I’m in the phase of shopping where I’m feeling overwhelmed by how many options I have! I’ll get there eventually.

To catch some of you up, I talked about my kitchen some on Instagram. I love my kitchen. Right now, it’s the room that is closest to being “complete” (whatever that means). All I have left is upgrading the counter tops and my faucet!

Have you made Christmas plans or are you going to spend the day self-caring?

TBD. I just can’t seem to make up my mind about what I want for myself. I actually thought about getting out of town completely, but with COVID, it was too complicated… and I do want to see my loved ones. It’s a hard thing to wrap my mind around.

Favorite music albums from 2020?

I love this question! Given the state of my life this year there are two albums that have legitimately gotten me through. Number one is The Chick’s latest self-titled album. I swear, listening to some of those songs, it was like Natalie Manes was reading my diary when she wrote this album.

Number two is Hailey Williams’ Petals for Armor. Her ability to articulate a feeling or an experience in her lyrics is really inspiring to me. Not to mention its so groovy and funky. This album feels raw and honest and I’ve basically had it on repeat for months.

Which Living celebrity would you want to have dinner with

Absolutely, 1000%, Dolly Parton. My love for that woman runs deep.

What is your pet peeve?

Y’all. I had this roommate in college that smacked her food. Not just a little… like she would smack her cereal so loud in the mornings that IT WOULD WAKE ME UP!! It was honestly so bad that, 11 years later, I still have a full body reaction to the sound.

I hope y’all feel a little more acquainted with me now. For those of you that wrote in questions, thank you! And for those of you reading along on this journey that I’m on, thank you! This has been one of my biggest passion projects and I’m pouring my heart into it. I’m so excited you’ve hopped along the ride.

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